Armadillo aluminium roll tops for bakkies & 4x4:
Bring your bakkie or 4x4 for a quick load bin security upgrade. We will install the Armadillo aluminium roll-top on your vehicle to replace the standard unsecure load bin cover. The Armadillo is designed in such a way to fit onto all makes of bakkies and 4X4's manufactured by Nissan, Mitsubishi , Isuzu, Toyota and Ford to name a few and can be easily modified to accommodate any roll-bar already fitted onto the load bin.

Benefits of the Armadillo aluminium roll-top:
The Armadillo roll-top is manufactured from strong lightweight materials and will keep water out of the load bin making it rust proof & weather proof to protect any goods carried. The cover of strong lightweight aluminium construction can carry an evenly distributed load of up to 500kg and looks visually attractive compared a standard load-bin cover. The roll-top is easy to operate and virtually maintenance free.

Any canopy already fitted on the load bin can be accommodated as well and the fitment of the Armadillo roll-top will not compromise the loading capacity of the vehicle as it takes up little space. We also have a range of canopies available for bakkies and 4x4's that can be fitted while your Armadillo roll-top is installed.

Space taken up by the roll top:
Single cab with long wheelbase bakkie: When closed, the roll top canister uses 205mm x 205mm and in the open position about 300mm of the load bin length on top of the canister.
4x4 double cab: When closed, the roll top canister uses 165mm x 165mm and in the open position about 300mm of the load bin length on top of the canister.

Roll bar fitment:
Any roll bar already fitted on the load bin, can be accommodated. We can modify your current roll bar to fit with the Armadillo. Armadillo has also developed a new custom roll bar to be fitted that will enhance the looks of your vehicle.

Bakkie liner adaptability:
The Armadillo aluminium roll-top will fit if it is an under rail liner, but trimming can be done to make it fit.

Roll top fitment time:
Our fitment specialists will fit your new Armadillo aluminium Roll-Top in about 2-4 hours.

After sales service:
Any replacement parts needed for the Armadillo aluminium Roll-Top for bakkies & 4x4 can be ordered from us. If repairs are needed, contact our workshop for an appointment.

Armadillo aluminium roll-top mobile fitments:
Our Armadillo Mobile fitments can install your new Armadillo aluminium roll-top from fitment centres in in 8 Provinces: Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape & Northern Cape.

Contact us today for an appointment.


The Armadillo roll-top is easy to install and with minimal tools and basic skills, the vehicle owner can do the installation of the Roll-top self.

We take your Armadillo order countrywide.


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