Armadillo roller shutters for home
We at Bush Piggy provide and install specialised high quality aluminium Armadillo roller shutters for almost any window, passageway or doors for the domestic home and commercial market.

Home security is a priority today and the Armadillo roller shutters for home use can create a safe environment around the home or business environment.

Bush Piggy Armadillo Fitments gives professional advice on product application, design recommendations and installation services.

The roller shutters for home use can then be specifically designed, manufactured and installed to suit and safeguard your unique living space requirements.

Our quality Armadillo products and services carry a 12 month warranty.

Armadillo roller shutters for passageways
By installing Armadillo Roller Shutters in passageways, security barriers are formed in any home between the sleeping and living areas to create a safe haven.

It is discreet and simple yet is the most desirable and sought after security installation in your home.

Armadillo roller shutters for doors
The Armadillo unique aluminium system can be applied to almost any doorway to secure your entrances with roller shutters in a variety of styles and colours. The roller shutters are aesthetically pleasing finished products that fit in with the design and colour theme of your home.

Armadillo roller shutters for windows
By installing Armadillo roller shutters in front of windows, you will have complete privacy and security when needed and complete control of the weather elements.
This Armadillo application simply rolls away into a neat box without obstructing your view because of a bulky unwanted security system.

Armadillo roller shutters for double volume floors
The Armadillo shutter system can be installed into the second level flooring allowing visual access to a lower level.

Armadillo roller shutters for patios
Why not close in your patio with a stylish aesthetically pleasing, secure Armadillo roller shutter made to your specifications adding value and security to your property?

Armadillo roller shutters for special applications
Specialised applications include securing your braai area, shop fronts, home entertainment centres, boardroom technical equipment, libraries, auditoriums etc - the options are endless.

We will consult you to discuss the very best solution for your security needs.

Armadillo Roller Shutter Installation Options
Specialised installation is available on request.

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