Armadillo aluminium roll tops for bakkies & 4x4: Bring your bakkie or 4x4 for a quick load bin security upgrade. We will install the Armadillo aluminium roll-top on your vehicle to replace the standard unsecure load bin cover. The Armadillo

Armadillo auto 4X4 roll top for bakkies: The Armadillo Auto 4X4 Roll-Top for bakkies is a new addition to the Armadillo range of roll-tops. Fitted with 2 electric motors, the roll top can be opened and closed by using a remote control. The electric

Armadillo aluminium roller truck doors: Secure your delivery truck content with the new Armadillo aluminium roller truck door fitted with a special locking system designed by Armadillo Concepts. Bush Piggy Armadillo Auto Fitments can fit this popula

Armadillo automated swimming roller pool cover: If you are planning to build a swimming pool, the new Armadillo Automated Roller Swimming Pool Cover is a perfect solution to protect your family and friends from falling into the water as it was devel

Armadillo roller shutters for home We at Bush Piggy provide and install specialised high quality aluminium Armadillo roller shutters for almost any window, passageway or doors for the domestic home and commercial market. Home security is a priori